Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - A Personal Forecast

Ok after reading all the "End of Year" and "2010 Prediction" posts, I realize I don't have a lot of things I would like to review or global predictions or questions to add. What I do have as I look forward to is a year of possibilities and expectations. Definitely more than any other time in my professional life.

So I will model my post after @mbteach's 2009: Reflections on a Transformative Year in hopes that I have a Transformative 2010.

2010: My Year in Forecast

January 4 - Continue helping PLP group design professional development project
January 14 - Finish design of new marketing piece for school
January 15 - Choose a new phone system and wireless campus for our school
January 23 - Finish application for Google Administrators Academy
January 24 - Present new printed marketing piece at Admissions Program
January 28-Feb 1 - Attend and co-present at Educon 2.2 (meet and learn from some wonderful educators making my PLN a little more personal)
February 2 -Choose new website developer and begin process of designing
February 4-5 - Attend ISAS conference
February 28 - Submit proposal to present at TCEA 2011 conference
March 5 - Attend GTAdmin in San Antonio (good to have goals, right?)
March 8 - Roll out new phone system and wireless campus
April 12 - PLP group presents year end professional development project
June 4-11 - Help run first Teacher Boot Camp (or whatever PLP group decides on)
June 15 - Roll out new website and begin training administrators
June 27-30 - Attend first ISTE in Denver
July - August - Training for teachers, students and parents for use of new website

That's as far as I can think so far as it appears pretty daunting when you write it all down. Well at least I have a check list of goals for the first part of the year. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of things to add to my goals.


  1. Great posting Jason!
    You may want to talk to Paul Tidmore as we have a new website developer for 2010.

    I am happy to see that you will be attending ISAS, me too! I am in the process of reading Tony Wagner's book. I will have to make time to read Daniel Pink's as well! Have you read them?

  2. Great plan for a year, Jason!

    I like the way you took my chronological approach and looked forward rather than backwards. Hopefully we will meet at Educon and good luck with the Google Administrator Academy application!

    Mary Beth